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Map of 8v8

When you enter, you will be randomly placed into either the Azure Team or Crimson Team as one of the 8 of that team. The goal is to collect gems and fill your team's mine cart within the time limit, first team to get 1000 gems difference wins. If the time limit runs out, the team with the most gems wins. You can also attack the opposing team members to stop them in their tracks.

For every 3 deaths, a player will receive Protection for a short time, enough to collect once batch of crystals. You also get a boost in stats tallying to each death, it is a small addition though. This boost stops when you win a battle

You can obtain Arena Chest shards, Honor, Daily points and Merit Shards.


Every crystal you donate to your team's cause, you will gain Arena Chest Shards and daily points. There is a limit if the event goes on for too long.

Power up crystals will generate as the event progresses.

  • HP Recovery - Restore character and mercs HP lost in battle
  • Mana - Increase mana for for 3 battles, (thoguh I think its lost if you lose)
  • Speed Up - You're movement is increased by 15% on the map
  • Invisibility - You are invisible to the enemy for 15 seconds. (Only your allies can see you)

Treasure chests will occasionally generate.

God PowersEdit

At the start, both teams must fill chalices for a chance to gain an upper hand against the opposing team. The power activates once the chalice is filled with 500 crystals. It must then cool down before it can be filled again.

  • Guardian Descent - Protects Team for 20 Seconds and +15% Speed
  • Cocoon Effect -Opposing team can not move for 15 seconds
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