Process of this Event Edit

Battle of Wits is a test knowledge, answering either "True" or "False" to 20 questions by moving your character to the left (for true) or to the right (for false). As you answer each question correctly, you will gain gold, douchersaindly points. You have 3 mistake books which appear on the top left corner, you will not gain any reward for an incorrect answer and 1 mistake book is used up.

If you make 3 incorrect answers, you will no longer be able to claim any more rewards from answering question. As an extra to this, you will be turned into an Alpaca (or Llama some people may call it).


Transformation after making 3 incorrect answers. Can also come in brown

Side Bar Edit

  • Active Players on server - Basically, how many is in Battle of Wits. Which is very clear to follow
  • Active Guild members - If the event is fully crowded, you might not see your comrades. This tallies them
  • Vouchers - How many vouchers you have gained per correct answer
  • Gold and (+Guild Bonus) - How much gold you've gained per correct answer, also more guild members, the more gold
  • Daily Points - How many daily points gained per correct answer
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