~NOTICE - this is a first draft of a beginners guide, which needs a lot more work.

The simple version for those that have played Wartune and other 7Road games, boost to level 42 to unlock everything, then boost your fortitude and spend some time leveling everything up. 

The more detailed version..

Level 0-20Edit

Don't worry about things blinking and flashing all over the place, this is typical of the 7Road style, just take your time and read the intro texts.  Those texts will take you through most of the games features, the most important thing to realise; at this 0 - 20 level; is that a lot of what your doing is just prep-work so don't worry too much about it.

Level 20-30Edit

Now your starting to unlock the big toys, keep on doing the loop quest and guild loop quest daily (you should be in a guild at this point btw), don't neglect the Elite Dungeon or the upgrades to the gear you get from those, the upgrades carry forward, and therefore are never redundant.

Level 30-49Edit

If your on a new server (and you should be), you may want to seriously consider the minimum U$1.99 first recharge (VIP1) offer, this will give you a considerable boost through the early stages, but you can wait on this until your at least the 20-40 mark in level, as it's probably best not to do so before you know your interested in the game.  The VIP1 advantage really starts to pay off from this point, as you will want to rush as fast as you can to level 45 to unlock pretty much everything the game offers, the last parts being Astrals (at 42) and Mount Vigor (at 45), this can be a bit of a grind from 39 onwards but as always perseverance is the key. 

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