All consumable and usable items. Some items go towards a much bigger scale, while others are just simple.

A Edit

Alae Ore - Used to enhance wings

Aptitude Ore - Used to level up Mercs. Can also use to craft Legendary Talisman Scrolls.

Arena Chest - Collect 20 Shards to craft. Receive one of following: Ember Grass, lvl 3 Gem Pack, Aptitude Ore, Arena Points, Pet Skill Book Pack, Alae Ore, or Pet Gear Refine Stone. Shards can be collected from 3v3 and 8v8.

Arena Points - Used to buy Demi Ore and Starburst Ore. Used to improve Character and Merc quality. Points are rewarded during events and through the course of the day.

B Edit

Beast Soul Upgrading Pill - Used to improve quality of Beast Soul astrals on pet from green to blue. Requires level 20 Beast Soul Astral to work.

Blessed Runes - These come in four types. Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary. These are used to enhance Merc Cards. These can be found in Training Grounds, events or simply in shop for daily points and diamonds.

D Edit

Daily Points - Can be obtained be participating in certain events during the course of the day (excludes special). You are able to buy items such as Eagle Feathers, Blessed Runes, and Exp cards.

Demi Ore - Used to improve quality of Character and Mercs.

Diamonds - This is the Real Money currency of the game. You must pay to obtain diamonds. You are able to use them for majority of shop items, offers, speed cool times and spend in events.

E Edit

Eagle Feathers - Collecting 100 of these can craft a glamoured set of wings, as well as more stats. Can be obtained through Shop and on rare occasion as gifts.

Ember Grass - Used to enhance Mounts.

Exp Card - Comes as either a x1.5 or x2 type of card. Can be used in Catacombs dungeons. You can also craft a x2 out of 5 x1.5 cards

F Edit

Fiend Feathers - This is a VERY limited item where 100 of these can craft Demonic Wings Pack. You can only obtain them so far through finding Merc Cards

G Edit

Gold - 1st general currency in the game. Can be obtained through dungeons, events and from growing gold seeds on farm. It is generally used for enhancing, astrals and farm.

Gold Hammer - Used in the Egg Fever Event.

H Edit

Honor - Used to improve character's quality and used in Star Roulette. Can be obtained through Treasure Cove and Arena.

P Edit

Pandora's Lucky Star - Part of the Pandora's Box Event. Can be used to change reward items without consuming diamonds

Potent Shard - Also figured as a Wild Card Shard. This can be used to craft any Main Merc Cards, and can be used along side any of these Shards: [Strength, Courage, Wisdom, Dark Soul, Justice, Magic, Reaper, Mech, Beauty, Demon, Noble, Queen and Royal]

R Edit

Rose Petal - Part of the Royal Roses Event. You can use these to exchange for various items from the Hot Events window.

V Edit

Vouchers - 2nd general currency in the game. Can be obtained in participating in events and entering VIP Dungeons. Can use for instant reviving, adding steps and opening chests.

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