Your World Tree Edit

One of the key things on your farm that you will easily spot, usually most of the time will have an orb floating about it. As your tree levels, it will help improve your crops production amount and reduce the amount of time it takes to grow. This also reduces the cool down time for the mysterious dungeon.

Every hour, it asks you to bless the tree. If you manage to bless the tree 10 times, you will recieve a reward for your 10hrs of patience. This blessed tally though tends to reset, forcing you to start over again.

Level Production Bonus Harvest Time Dungeon Cool time
30 +30% -60% -30%

Farm Plots Edit

In total there is nine plots, six of which require: the World Tree level, Character level and gold. Three of the plots requires VIP1, VIP3 and VIP5, as well as World tree level, along with the requirement of diamonds to pay for them. (It's not quite worth the effort)

You are able to plant either of the following: Gold seeds, Exp seeds and Beast Soul fruit

You can also visit friends farms. You can gain some tree experience and friendship for blessing their tree and watering their plants. If crops are ready though, you are able to steal a small percentage of the crop's benefits.

Mysterious Dungeon Edit

You have 10 attempts to enter this dungeon. You are able to obtain items such as Beast Soul Fruit and Beast Soul Refine Stone.

Enslaving Edit


If one wants to be greedy, you do have the option to enslave other players and reap benefits from their farm. However you could also become enslaved by other players. All enslaved players are released automatically after midnight daily. You can have up to 3 slaves on your farm.

When your successfully defeat a player here, their character will appear on your farm and now your slave. For the duration your slave remains on your farm, Exp and Rations will stack up. Remember to pick it up once in a while.

Whilst you have your slave, you can use the exploit option on a slave to do work. You will gain experience when you task them to a job.

Task Cost Time
Clean Streets Nothing 60 minutes
Repair Walls 10 Diamonds 30 minutes
Collect Mine 50 Diamonds 15 minutes

Along side the exploit option, you can also free your slave so long as they aren't doing anything.

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