Whenever you need to battle, your formation could aid or hinder your chances. Doing your Elite dungeons, Catacomb Teams, Crusades, Arena etc will require some thinking when devising your Mercs.

When you start, you are allowed up to three mercs. By level 40 you are allowed 4 mercs. At level 60, a new section will open which allows you to use Elements and Tactics with your mercs.

Position Edit

There are 3 lines: Front, Middle and Back, which most skills will follow by.

1 Target: Targets the opposing 1st player/merc in the same horizontal lane

1 Row: Targets the entire opposing lane

Front line Target: Targets whoever is closest towards the front

1 Rear Target: Targets whoever is furtherest away in the formation

No targeting indication: Targets either all or a set random number

When there is none in the opposing lane Edit

  • If there is no target in the top 1st lane, all attacks move to the 2nd / middle lane
  • If there is no target in the 2nd lane, all attacks move to the top 1st lane
  • If there is no target in the 3rd lane, all attacks move to the 2nd lane

Aid Slots Edit


As well as your own formation, you can place up to 3 mercs into the Aid formation for additional Battle points. This all rides on the Merc Ranks and quality, the better the rank and quality, the better the points. When you have a mix of mercs of same Rank and quality, experiment with which mercs give the best result and to which order as well.

You can also improve Aid using Aid pills, which can be collected from MP Purgtory and certain events.


You can also do this with pets, providing you have kept them after your first pet boar. Again, like with the mercs, this only applies to the quality of the pets you have placed into Aid. Also this section will only help your pet.

Tactics and Element Upgrade(Lvl 60) Edit


One of main things that you would spot is the questionable Upgrade button which becomes your tool to improve your elemental attack and defence. Also your Character and Mercs can be given a set element to use in battle.

Element particles can be collected from the Elemental Tower in the Cloudwinder Dungeon.

In the tactics section, you can devise which elemental formation to use depending on what your character and mercs are using.

Tactics 1
Tactics 2

Each element formation is slightly different. As you improve your elements with Element Particles, so improves the element attack and defence.

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