Increase your strength through the dangerous method (not really) of Fortitude in the form of a dragon. You must use experience points in order to improve the stats, as it progresses you will receive rewards, including two slots for Talismans. Sometimes you may need to increase your fortitude in order to level up, and increase your level to improve fortitude. You can also obtain special skins to give bonus strength.

For a little extra bonus, your dragon talks!! Well, complains mostly.

Improvements to Player Edit

Player Damage

With every level, DMG dealt by player increases by 1%

Player PDEF

PDMG dealt to the player is reduced by 1%

Player MDEF

MDMG dealt to the player is reduced by 1%

Improvements to Mercs Edit

Mercs PDMG

PDMG dealt by all Mercs increases by 1% (PATK based Mercs only)

Mercs PDEF

PDMG dealt to all Mercs is reduced by 1%

Mercs MDMG

MDMG dealt by all Mercs increases by 1% (MATK based Mercs only)

Mercs MDEF

MDMG dealt to the player is reduced by 1%

Fortitude Max Out Points Edit

Level Band Max Fortitude for Next level
30 - 39 Band 273
40 - 49 Band 343
50 - 59 Band 413
60 - 69 Band 483
70 - 79 Band 553
80 - 89 Band 623 Must be 420+
90 - 99 Band Must be 455+
100 - 109 Band Must be 525+

Fun Quotes Edit

Nascen (Egg)

  • Do you think they make helmets in my size? I've always wanted one of those...
  • I wrote you a haiku! "Fortitude is cool / I give you so many stats / Maybe say "Thank you"?
  • I use FLAP! It's super effective!
  • ACHOOOOOOO! Oh man. I think I'm allergic to adventure T_T
  • If you find a fish or an old pizza crust or whatever, feel free to toss it back here. Anytime.


  • What's scaly, wingerd, impossibly handsome and right behind you? I'll give you one guess!
  • If you're curious where I am, just give me a wing! A WING! Get it?
  • Leaping from tree to tree as they float down the mighty rivers of British Columbia (Must be a reference)
  • My kind doesn't breathe fire, exactly... we just kind of ... sneeze it.
  • Are you sure about that? You're the boss, after all
  • Go go go! Whatever you're doing, I support it 100 percent. Well, maybe like... 98 percent.


  • I need to find a new line of employment
  • CHAAAAAAARGE!!! ... Oh wait, what are we doing right now?
  • Just so we're clear, when this is over,you're on your own, buddy.
  • How come you never feed me... like, at all?
  • Feeling down? Train me for a healthy dose of Vitamin F! (That's for Fortitude)
  • Before you ask, I would not chuck ANY wood. That's just silly.
  • Phew, my wings are getting tired here. Can't I have a break? ...pretty please?


  • If you stuff me in your backpack one more time I swear I'll bite your hand off.
  • You make me awfully uncomfortable when you stare off into space like that...
  • Hey! Listen! HEY! ...Oh, got your attention. Uh, I didn't actually prepare for this. Carry on! (Navi reference from Legend of Zelda)
  • Just call me your own personal "Fortitude" - yep, that's me!


  • Can I go home now?
  • Alright - that's it! I've had it! And if you think I'll flap around for one more... OMG KITTY!!
  • Sweet merciful honeybadgers! Why are we still standing around here?
  • So BORED... Can we get back to mindless slaughtering now?

Next Fortitude doesn't say anything :(


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