Heroic challenge

Once reaching level 60, a new location will open up: Heroic Challenges. It may be short and sweet but if not prepared can be a bit too much to handle. All enemy forces are invisible for starters. Completing these challenges you will receive Soul Training Pills, Soul Shards and Aptitude Training Pills.

  • Soul Training Pills and Soul Shards contribute towards your Souls Improvement for your Character and Mercs.
  • Aptitude Training Pills contribute towards your Mount's Elemental Damage and Reduction of element damage.

Completed Run of Heroic Challenges lvl 60

Inside Heroic Challenges Edit

Inside Heroic Challenges you will face an enemy that is ranked by a certain number of stars. Depending on how many stars the enemy has will depend on how times you must face them, and as well as colour the quality of the enemy. After succesffully defeating enemies equal to the amount of stars required, you will receive a Level reward. Likewise to Temple Flight though, you can only get a new set of rewards after levelling up, but can still refresh it each day to collect more training pills.

Star Rank & X Battles Quality Max
1 White
2 Green
3 Blue
4 Purple
5 Orange
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