Performing Marriage

Love in the air, give someone special some flowers and propose your game love. Takes a bit of thinking to work out the preparations. Can find this in the top right corner with your mail icon, signified as two hearts. Investigation suggests gender is regardless, however do check your server couples to be on safe side.

Your only two options at first are Propose and Search. Propose is where you can asked a person for marriage, selecting a ring as part of the proposal. Both partners must have given 100 to each other in order to give the marriage option. There is a 10 minute time limit for the person to respond to the proposal. (The ring cannot be returned if you receive no response)

The Search button is also the Seeking Partner button, which will list you as available to marry.

Planning Your Wedding Edit

Selection of rings:

Common Ring: 1,000,000 Gold

Luxury Ring: 5000 Vouchers

Royal Ring: 999 Diamonds

[Beware that you can't get your ring back if you don't get a response. Be sure the partner is actively online to receive it]

Wedding Time and Location Edit


Whoever made the proposal must complete this section. For this selection you are given 3 evening times:

6.30pm - 6.50pm

7.30pm - 7.50pm

8.30pm - 8.50pm

[Be aware these are all Server Times, check and convert to your time zone if required]

Wedding Venue Edit

Venue Type Cost Guests Gift 1
Common 100,000 Gold 20 Lvl 2 Gem Bag Chocolate x5
Luxurious 5000 Vouchers 50 Lvl 2 Gem Bag x2 Chocolate x10
Royal 2000 Diamonds 100 Lvl 2 Gem Bag x5 Chocolate x20

All weddings begin on the next day after the proposal is made, you have plenty of time to discuss a suitable time before the automatic date. At this point you can also look at the Wedding history of others who had married.

Guest Cards Edit

Once you have setup your wedding, its time to invite people to your wedding. You have plenty of time to send these out before your big evening.

  • Both you and your partner obtain half of the guest cards, so don't panic if you see less.
  • Check RSVP Info during the wait, some may want to attend too

Big Evening Edit


You and your partner will be automatically sent to the wedding, and guests able to enter by using wedding invitation items. Over the course of 20mins, guests will receive few usefulitems and candy every two minutes.

These vary depending on the venue chosen.

Once the wedding is over, you will find the closed tabs in the Proposal/Marriage/Divorce section now open.

Now Married Edit


With all the hassle out of the way, the easy part begins. you have a 24hr Character Skin you can wear as "Just Married", gives you a little BR boost when you wear it.

Together grow your Marriage Tree by boosting your affections for each other. This can be done through either through the Marriage Quests, Marriage Cards or Flowers. Each upgrade increases your Guild and Guardian Stats.

Tree Level Guild Bonus Guardian Bonus
1 +5% 0%
2 +5% +5%
3 +10% +5%
4 +10% +10%
5 +15% +10%
6 +15% +15%
22% 15%
8 +22% +22%

As each day goes by, you will receive rewards for the amount of time you are together. This can include Pet Needs, Gems and a new pet.

Days Married Flowers Pet Potion Pet Vigor Elixir Gem Pack Extra
1 x9 x5 x5 Lvl 2 x1 x
3 x19 x10 x5 Lvl 2 x2 x
5 x29 x15 x10 Lvl 2 x3 x
9 x39 x20 x10 Lvl 3 x1 x
15 x49 x25 x15 Lvl 3 x2 Pet Cupid
20 x59 x30 x15 Lvl 3 x3 Lvl 4 Gem Pack x1
30 x69 x35 x20 Lvl 4 x1 Lvl 4 Gem Pack x2
40 x79 x40 x20 Lvl 4 x2 Lvl 4 Gem Pack x3
50 x89 x45 x25 Lvl 4 x3 Lvl 5 Gem Pack x1
60 x99 x50 x25 Lvl 5 x1 Lvl 6 Gem Pack x1

Divorcing Edit


If you've grown tried of your partner or they no longer play the game, might be time for a divorce. However there is a little catch inside it. In this system: you are not held down by the fact your partner leaves the game and do not need to spend diamonds to get them off your back. However: Bottom line is divorcing means your Special Pets, marriage bonuses and other rewards you might have obtained... will disappear. Sadly that may mean "Bye bye, Cupid", so you might want to prepare a pet to take the stats first.

File a Divorce: If one decides to file for a divorce, the relationship will end once the other accepts it.

Force Divorce: Spend 300 Diamonds to force a divorce.

End it All: If your partner has been offline for more than 72+ hours, you can get divorced without asking for permission.

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