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first/main pets screen

Pets are similar to mercs, but with their own separate equipement set, the also level up diffently to mercs but in a very similar way to mounts.

How to get themEdit

Pets are first available at level 45.

Pets and pet gear can be obtained via Temple Flight or occasionally in random shop/events.

Available PetsEdit

Main Collectible Pets Where Level
Boar Dreadlands 45
(Viper Snake) Temple Flight 45
Ma'am of War Temple Flight 50/55
Sea Hawk Temple Flight 60/65
Temple Flight 70s
Temple Flight 80s
Temple Flight 90

A list/table of available pets..

Pet GearEdit

A list/table of pet gear

Beast Soul Edit


Found evidence from the ShadowBound forum

Your pet with come with 5 set astrals for HP, PATK, PDEF, MATK and MDEF. You can enhance these using Beast Soul Fruit which can be found in Mysterious Dungeon or grown plants, both on your farm. You are also able to refine each one using Beast Soul Refine stones, however you cannot lock any stats you gain from doing this until the Beast Soul is level 20.

To upgrade common beast soul to uncommon, you will need Beast Soul Upgrade Pill. This can be obtained from shop or Mysterious dungeon. It is worth holding onto, whilst you can plant and grow Beast Soul Fruit to make the process of enhancing faster.

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