The main objective of the board is to find and defeat the Boss, then guide Priestess Laerta to the exit. This is an ongoing dungeon so you do not have to rush with the Priestess.

The Temple Flight is an activity for obtaining and leveling pets. You can obtain new pets (eggs), pet skills, and material for upgrading pets. Through chests, you can get Pet Potions and Pet Vigor Elixirs which are used to level up pets.

Each level of Temple Flight becomes progressively harder. The difficulty is independent your main character level.

You can reset 3 times per week, which restores HP and brings up a fresh grid. Typically, players will do a lower level Temple (e.g., lv 45), then do as much as they can of the higher level (lv 50), and then go back to the lower level when HP is drained and no easy squares are left.

HP restores nightly and with reset. You will also gain 1 Step for every 30mins that passes.

What's under the Tile Edit

As you pick a tile, many things can happen and appear: Enemies, chests, powers, effects etc...

Enemies Edit

There is three types: 1x1, 2x1 and of course the Boss (2x2). Once revealed, providing you have at least 1 step, you can enter battle. Entering battle with an enemy does not consume a step, however any damage sustained will reduce your HP Pool. If new to the board's level, its ideal to start on small enemies and leave the Boss for another time.

  • 1x1 Has 3 enemies. 2 Minions and 1 mini boss
  • 2x1 Has 4 enemies. 2 Minions & 1 in line with the Mid Boss
  • Boss has 4 minions. The 4th minion is also set in line with the boss.

Items Edit

Chests and Keys are one of the main things to look out for, however keys are all on luck which can be found either through breaking tiles or defeating enemies. As a resort, you may find yourself with only chests but no keys, or keys but no chest for the correct keys. It becomes advisable to keep chests and keys until the board is cleared or the remaining revealed tiles do not help in any way.

Pet material will occasionally drop after defeating enemies. This will let to doing the floor again once cleared to collect enough of the required materials to upgrade pet gear. When it comes to receiving a Pet Egg, it is random whether you will get a common, uncommon or rare pet. There is no current information on how to improve a pet's quality.

Powers: Edit

All these powers require to have at least 1 step available in order to use them.

  • Holy Reveal - Reveals location of Priestess
  • Dark Reveal - Reveals location of Boss
  • Teleport - 50% Chance to move the Priestess randomly, ideal for 2x2 spaces to be available
  • Shatter - Randomly breaks a tile without consuming a step
  • Scorch - Removes 1 1x1 sized enemy from the board, no rewards though
  • Flame Blast - Removes 2x1 sized enemy from the board, no rewards though
  • Sellsword - Once per battle, you can have an extra mercenary to aid you in battle
  • Foreseeing* - Reveals what 3 random tiles contain for 3 seconds
  • Foreseeing 2* - Can select 1 tile of your choice to reveal what lies underneath it, this does not break the tile
  • Trivision - Can select 1 empty space of choice and it will reveal all surrounding tiles in a 1x1 radius. (Can reveal up to 8 tiles)
  • Pilage - Finds a chest at random, it will tell you if there are no more chests
  • Salvage - Finds two powers that are still available on the board. Can still use this even when there are no more tiles left. You might find keys

Effects: Edit

  • Gain Points
  • Gain HP points for HP pool
  • Mana increased*
  • Gloom Elegy - Lose Points
  • Lose HP points from pool
  • Find a key
  • Find a power
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