In Treasure Cove, you have 3 daily attempts to transport goods to you. Each attempt takes 15 minutes to arrive. Whilst transported, you are able to continue playing whilst you wait. Sounds straight forward, however within those 15 minutes your transported goods can be plundered.

The Goods[edit | edit source]

There are 5 qualities of goods, the higher the quality the better the goods. You get 2 free refreshes during each day, any more refreshes requires vouchers.

Lanternos 60,000 300 160
Terrapin 90,000 400 200
Vicegrip 135,000 600 260
Razormaw 202,500 800 330
Baron 370,000 1200 400

Friends[edit | edit source]

You can invite a friend to help escort your transport twice a day. The 1st one is free and the 2nd one requires 50 Devotion points (gained by doing simple tasks each day). Your chosen friend's BR will cover your transport in case it was to be plundered.

Refresh[edit | edit source]

You have 2 free refresh attempts daily, more will require to use 100 vouchers (or 10 diamonds). A successful refresh will bring you to escort a bigger treasure, and so a bigger reward. A refresh attempt might also fail and make your treasure fall back to lanternos (low reward).

Plunder and Plundered[edit | edit source]

You are able to attack ongoing transport that crosses from A to B sent by other players. You must win a battle against that player in order to successfully plunder them. Win and you receive a percentage of that that cargo, leaving the player with less when it finishes.

How many times?[edit | edit source]

Once you have successfully plundered, you must wait for the cool down time to end in order to attack another. As for a player's transport, it can only be plundered twice per transport. You can not attack a transport if they have reach their plundered limit.

Plundered and yet no loss?[edit | edit source]

If you receive a message that your transport had plundered but shows nothing was taken (everything at 0), Don't panic! The person that plundered you is of a higher level band. Look at it in a positive way: You didn't lose anything and practically have 1 less plunder to worry about.

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