A list of Updates to the game, as the game contains no visible version information, we're using date the update was released as the version number.

Update 13 Aug 2014Edit

The first major update since the Beta, this update is named 13/8 by the developers despite being launched on some servers on 14th Aug.


Pets is an entirely new feature, these funcion in a similar way to mercs but without the same equipement

Upgradable WingsEdit

A new ability, Wings are now upgradable, notably they are comparitively expensive to upgrade compared to other items.

Guild WarsEdit

A entirely new feature, Guild Wars is live on the servers, however as the patch was released on a wednesday and guild wars take place Tues, Thurs, Sat (Finals), it will be 6 days before the feature will be seen by anyone.


A entirely new feature, Crusades are similar to catacombs but with faster movement up the levels.

Lucky DrawEdit

A entirely new feature, Lucky Draw replaces previous Daily draw, now instead of being sent a daily mail, you select a card, free once per day, subsequent draws cost 10 diamonds.

Temple FlightEdit

A entirely new feature, Temple Flight works like a micro-dungeon, clicking tiles reveals new enemies or items, the twin objectives are to find the Boss, defeating him reveals the exit, also to find the Princess and move her to the exit.


The reward/drop system in Elite Dungeons, has been changed to a token system (elite badges ), now instead of multiple runs and random drops, you get a number of tokens each run which are then exchanged for those same Blueprints.


There were many problems on servers due to this update, including, world boss fight not working, 3vs3 not working, 8vs8 not working.

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