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Nero Noxx

The World Boss is a server wide event held twice a day where players can battle the world boss Nero Noxx, the Demon Dragon, for gold and vouchers. Noxx starts the event with at least 1 trillion points of HP and so the battle is broken down into rounds where you must try and cause as much damage to him before inevitably being killed, at which point you respawn to attack again.

As you, your mercenaries (and pet, player level 45+) engage Noxx in battle you gain gold according to your player level, awarded at the end of each round. When you die, you must wait 30 seconds because you can attack again, or use 2 diamonds or 20 vouchers to auto-revive. Furthermore, you can cheer your mercenaries boosting their attack by 10% per cheer (5x at 50% max) costing 20 diamonds or 200 vouchers, cost increase by 5 for diamonds each time.

At the end you get a ranking reward mailed according to the amount of damage you managed to inflict on Noxx during the event, with an extra bonus for whichever player managed to land the killing blow. This reward usually includes gold, vouchers and daily points which can be used in the market.


Noxx has three different attacks he uses against you during the event. His standard Fire Breath, the field wide Torrential Downpour and the multi-strike Mind Control. These attacks do not appear to cause criticals at all, so the Felix ability does not work against them.

In addition Noxx appears to be immune to status attacks, such as stunning and confusion, making these ineffectual when fighting him.

Fire BreathEdit

His standard attack will instantly kill one of your characters, however characters with the Miracle or Demon Bane talisman or pet ability can sometimes survive and characters with high dodge skills can sometimes avoid the damage entirely. Blocking does not appear to help against this attack as it fails to reduce the damage enough to survive. False Death and Blessing abilities can be used to restore characters to life after this attack in some cases.

Torrential DownpourEdit

When Noxx's mana bar is fully charged he unleashes a full field attack which strikes all your characters. The first time this happens will usually be the second round where Noxx will cause approximately 40% damage to each character's health. The second time, usually around round six, he will instantly kill all remaining characters still alive.

This ability can be slowed by using the Corrosion talisman or pet ability, which will reduce Noxx's mana.

Since the first instance of this attack doesn't kill your characters outright it can also be used as an opportunity to use the Backbeat,Retaliation and MATK Counter talismans and pet skills to cause extra damage to Noxx.

As the entire party are wiped out by the second attack Blessing abilities don't work, as the battle is already lost before they can be triggered.

Mind ControlEdit

On some rare occasions rather than using his standards attack Noxx will instead try to take control of your characters. If he succeeds your characters will turn and attack their allies, rather than attacking Noxx. This can be doubly effective as it not only prevents your characters from damaging Noxx, but as they aren't dead it can prolong the fight, preventing you from simply respawning to get another round of combat. Luckily this ability appears to be very rarely used, as most players only get attacked this way a one or twice a week.


Before the battle it's best to switch your talismans to try and inflict as much damage to Noxx as quickly as possible. You should also field heavy hitting mercenaries and pets as part of your squad and remove any healers or defensive buffers. This is mainly due to the fact that Noxx's main attacks are almost always fatal, and healers will have very little to do during the fights.


While some players prefer not to spend diamonds or vouchers to respawn if you do decide to it's best to have between 500 to 1000 vouchers ready to use. Normally you won't need this many and at the end of the battle you'll often get a large number of vouchers back as a reward for participating in the event. As other player do use this feature you'll almost certainly need to if you want to be in the top five at the end of the event.


The event features an AFK option which will automatically attack Noxx each time you respawn. This can be useful as most of the combat rounds won't require you to make any changes to your party after the initial set-up.

World Boss rank rewards:Edit

Rank # Gold Vouchers
1 500.000 1.000
8 300.000 350
10 300,000 250
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